Check the image of the stealth driver!TaylorMade 2022 New Model

“STEALTH Stealth” is rumored to be a tailor-made new work in 2022.

There is also information that I actually saw it overseas, and photos of the driver are posted on overseas sites.

TaylorMade Stealth PLUS Driver


A stealth driver that is said to be a tailor-made new model for 2022.

Initially, there was a lot of voice saying that it would be SIM3, but recent information said that it would be stealth.

And, the photograph of the driver head actually marked STEALTH instead of SIM was confirmed on the overseas site.

Equipped with draw fade weight adjustment function

The front of the sole is equipped with a rail-type weight adjustment function that is familiar to tailor-made drivers.

It is called MVT (Movable Weight Technology), and the weight can be moved steplessly on the rail to adjust the center of gravity.

Previous tailor-made drivers always had a weight adjustment feature on athlete models such as the M3, M5, and SIM, but not on the 2021 SIM2.

It seems that there were many requests from golfers to install the MWT, so there is a possibility that it was re-installed by incorporating such voices.

Is it significantly lighter with a carbon face?


Another image is posted, which shows the face surface.

There was information that the stealth driver was red, but it seems that the entire face surface is red, not just as an accent color for the body.

And, “CARBON” is written on the face surface, and as expected in advance, even the face is carbon.

In the 2021 SIM2, carbon has been adopted for the entire sole, but at the same time, aluminum parts have also been adopted.

It is still unclear whether the face is made of carbon, whether it is full carbon, or whether the aluminum frame will continue to remain.

Two types, PLUS and MAX?

As a new model of STEALTH, in addition to the stealth PLUS + driver that has an image, it is said that another stealth MAX driver will come out.
While the stealth PLUS driver is for athletes with ease of operation, the stealth MAX driver will be a model with a high moment of inertia and gentleness.

In the last few years, draw specification models have always been released and are popular, so I think that stealth MAX-D driver (draw specification) will also be released.